Caribu for iPad -

  • Caribu is an iPad app to read books together with friends/family, it features video/audio communication between contacts alongside a "StoryGuide" that allows books to be synced in realtime, where a user can highlight a text sentence and the other user will see it highlighted in his iPad in realtime. The books can be PDF or built in-house using the procotol created which allows books to have all kinds of animations and physics to keep the kids entertained all time
  • Technologies: Objective-C, Parse, MongoDB, Redis, OpenTok, External API integrations
  • Demoed on Apple's iPad launch, seen on Forbes, TechCrunch. Backed by Microsoft.

Songzapp -

  • A music app that gives you the daily trends on music discovery
    #1 Top Overall in Brazil, Spain and France - More than 300+ users
    Songzapp is the ultimate app to discover fresh, cool new music on your mobile device. Songzapp scouts the web every day to bring you the best singles laying around, the algorithms analyzes social networks, blogs and radio stations to bring you the hottest new trends in music. You'll have the chance to explore a different music collection every day on a beautifully crafted mosaic-style app of albums covers.

  • Technologies: Objective-C, JSON, Google AppEngine

  • Status: more than half a million users, sold. #1 on Brazil, Spain and France

Kick Off -

  • "Kick Off" allows you to follow live soccer matches from several European and American leagues. It allows you to see exactly what's happening in the field (from a simple attack or thrown to a goal or penalty) in real time - "Kick Off" is able to access the raw data for this information just one or two seconds after it happens on the field. This means you can see a goal (or corner, or any other event) in KickOff faster than TV and, in some cases, even faster than radio. Push notifications are sent to the users who're interested in a team that is playing and receive a notification saying a team has scored in a record time. Sometimes even faster than Radio.
  • Technologies: Objective-C, JSON, Amazon EC2
  • Status: #1 Top in 32 different countries (including Germany and the UK) - More than 500k users


  • BeatFM is an iOS app that features a beautiful interface to easily allow you to create virtual radio stations that match a certain Beat-Per-Minute. The app was built from scratch (backend and mobile app) and includes a deep Fabook Open Graph Integration.
  • Technologies: Objective-C, JSON, Amazon EC2, SoudCloudAPI
  • Status: more than 200.000 users, acquired before launch

Song Genius

  • "Song Genius for iOS" is an app to help you discover music around you, including: right from the "Air" with OTA recognition (adaptation of several open source components), textually by artist name, album name or track name. It also features deep facebook integration to help you keep up with your friends' latest music discoveries and to access each week's most listened and most liked tracks.
  • Technologies: Objective-C, JSON, Amazon EC2, Java, Apache Solr, Ruby, MongoDB, Redis
  • Status: To be released